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Writing Samples

Please enjoy a few of Scott’s writing samples below. If you like what you see, feel free to leave a review/comment on the Amazon page for Salvation Beach or send a note on the Contact page.

Salvation Beach: A Novel

When John Drake witnesses a man drive a Lamborghini into the ocean for no apparent reason, he’s thrown into a world of Hollywood stars, political insiders, and criminals,­­ ­­all after a briefcase full of secrets. Read the first four chapters here.

Blues for My Father: An Essay

The word jazz conjures up images of smoky rooms, sinuous women, and desperate men. A son reflects on his father, a jazzman who spent his life searching for the perfect woman and the perfect chord. more…

Blue Note: A Novel in Progress

World-class guitarist Joshua Hooker is finally getting over the loss of his four-year-old daughter, who disappeared without a trace three years ago. Now he has a chance to get her back, or does he? more…

The Continuing Adventures of Raymond Garcia

Raymond is an off-beat character from my novel Valley Fever. From time to time, we’ll be chronicling some of his adventures here. WARNING: Raymond is not for everyone! more…

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